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Are You REaDy For This Summer Look? 💋

Today's blog will be showcasing my #OOTD and its also apart of #JBLStylishSummer series. #JBLStylishSummer is something I created to showcase my summer looks and give some tips. So, today I wanted to wear a color that really goes with this Alabama heat and that's RED. Red is one of those colors that really bring outs the sexiness for me and I love it! I don't own alot of it, but I'm about to start investing more in red pieces. I love the way it really pops on my melanin. So let's get into this look!


The top I'm wearing is from Boohoo Curve. Boohoo is one of my favorite online stores and it's based in London, England. I started wearing Boohoo's clothing about 4 years ago and I can say I really love their clothes. They have great quality clothing. I still have pieces from when I first started shopping there. For reference, this top is called the Plus Bardot Cinced Volume Sleeve Shirt and I only paid $15 dollars. Boohoo is known for their great sales, so I take advantage whenever I can. This top is a size US 18 and that's normally the size I wear. The reason I love this top so much is because it's off the shoulder and I love that it's a button-up shirt with a flare hem. It snatches the waist and gives me a shape. You can't get any better than that.


As for the jeans, I love a good skinny jean yall. Skinny jeans really balanced out this look and gave it an edge especially since their distressed. My jeans are from the Target brand, Universal Thread, and I can say I really love these jeans. If I had to guess, I have about 20 pair currently. This is like the best jean to wear for us plus ladies and they range from a 0 to 26W so the name speaks for itself. I've had this particular pair for a couple of years now and they feel the same as when I first bought them. They haven't lost their stretch at all and the fit is still there. As for the cost they normally range from $25-$30, but I always purchase them around Christmas time when they are around $20. I highly recommend this brand! Feel free to take a look at my recent blog posts and also IG because I regularly wear them.


Here's one of my favorites things: shoes! Yall, I really love shopping for shoes and these chunky heels from Target are my fave shoes. They are from the brand, A New Day and guess what? They are wide-width! If you don't know, Target has an extensive wide-width shoe collection from various brands and I can vouch for them. It used to be so hard to find shoes to fit my wide feet and at first I felt discouraged. I would try shoes from reputable plus size brands and they would not fit me properly. Plus Target's shoes are very inexpensive. These shoes only cost $24.99 and come in various colors. I have all of them too lol. The heel is 2.5 inches so it's very comfortable for me to wear for a long period of time. Another note, they also come in regular sizes and a higher heel if your prefer that.


As for my accessories, I kept it simple as usual. My hexagon earrings are from SHEIN. I can say they have cute and affordable jewelry. Some of my pieces have broken, but you get what you pay for I'd say. Other than that, I will still purchase from them. My bangles are from It's Fashion and I love them because they are big wrist friendly. It's Fashion sells XL bracelets in different styles. So if you have the same issue I do, check them out. My sunglasses are also from It's Fashion. Lastly is my leopard clutch. I could not complete my outfit without a print included. Leopard is my all time favorite print and it adds a fierceness I would say. I've had it for so long so I can't remember where I purchased it from.

Well yall! That's my latest Saturday #OOTD look. Stay tuned for upcoming looks. Also feel free to follow me at just_being_lakedra on Instagram and Facebook. I post there constantly. Plus, let me know any topics you would like for me discuss next. Love yall and God Bless!

~ Just Being LaKedra 😘💋

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