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Summer Must-Have Accessories #2021Edition

Hey Yall! I'm back from a long hiatus from blogging. I have been on other social media platforms bringing you the looks though so be sure to follow just_being_lakedra on Facebook and IG. Even though it's not officially summertime, I'm getting a head start and bringing you a #JBLStylishSummer series. I will be showcasing all things summer and fashion to help you with shopping, creating looks, packing for vacation/getaways, etc.

Today's blog will focus on my top 5 summer accessories. They include oversized sunglasses, sun hats, colorful sandals, handbags, and bold jewelry.


If you're like me, then you love a good pair of sunglasses whether they are designer or not. I have to purchase at least 5 pairs a year.

Tip: Best time to purchase summer accessories of any kind is after the season is over. Everything will be heavily discounted to make room for the upcoming season's inventory.

The thing about sunglasses is there are different kinds including aviators, cat-eyes, round, square shapes just to name a few. They come in various colors as well. The aviator is one of my favorite kinds of sunglasses. So be sure to grab 1, 2, or 3 pairs for this summer. Not only do they protect your eyes, but they will also bring your whole look together. Here are some different sunglasses I found online from Forever 21 and Shein:

Left to Right: Shein: Acrylic Frame Sunglasses- $4; Shein: Leopard Frame Sunglasses W/ Case- $5; Forever21:Oval Metal Sunglasses-$7.99; Forever21: Square Metal Sunglasses-$7.99

Hats, Hats, and More Hats

Ladies! We definitely got to keep our skin protected in the upcoming season and what better way to do that than by wearing some cute sun hats. There are all kinds of hats, but who doesn't love a big floppy hat and fedora. You can pair a floppy hat with a cute, flowy sundress and some sandals. You can also wear the signature weave hats with any outfit and it will be a showstopper.

For a more casual look, pair a fedora with a kimono, white t-shirt, and some jean shorts. That screams boho chic to me. I personally love fedoras but can never find one to fit over my hair( depending on my wig of the day🤣). Fedoras can easily be switched from day to night with some minor changes to your outfit.

Here are some fedoras along with some other hats:

Clockwise:Shein: Bow Decor Flat Top Fedora- $3.50; Shein: Chain Band Decor Straw Hat- $10; Forever21: Transparent Curved-Brim Visor- $12.99; Shein:Sequins Decor Straw Hat-$11

Handbags Galore

So handbags are like my all-time favorite accessories. Honey, I love a good bag, whether is it's designer, etc. I recently purchased a Brahmin bag for my birthday and it's definitely saying summer here I come. Here it is:

Brahmin Caroline Leopard Melbourne: $365

It includes all variations of colors and my favorite leopard print. Summer is all about being vibrant and colorful right? That's the time of the year to experiment with different colors and prints. Speaking of colors, June is Pride Month so designers have showcased many different versions of their signature handbags such as Coach. There's this one bag I would love to have because it has all the colors and you can wear it with anything.

Coach Turnlock Clutch 20 With Rainbow Quilting: $425

Aside from colors, there are different fabrics and materials that are suitable for the summer months like Faux leather, canvas, basket-weave, and plastic. For the beach, a plastic handbag would be suitable because it's waterproof and protective. Hand-woven bags are always the rage for summer especially in the crossbody design because it's convenient to carry.

Top: Forever 21Basketwoven Shoulder Bag- $19.99

Bottom: Forever21 Basket-Woven Crossbody Bag- $24.99


Shoes can definitely make or break an outfit. You can pick the best outfit, but if the shoes aren't right it will throw it wayyyy off. Trust me I know. Sandals, mules, gladiators, flatforms, and heeled sandals are definitely the kind of shoes you need this upcoming season. The must-have colors you should own already are brown/cognac or black. You can never go wrong with those. Then you build from that with golds, bronzes, etc. Make sure to have some color sandals in your wardrobe. My favorite color is hot pink, but I own only 1 pair of pink sandals and that's ok. Also, prints are definitely in this season. Take a look at some different shoes I found online:

Clockwise: Shein: Snakeskin Print Flatforms- $22; Target: Women's Kersha Embellished Slide Sandal-$24.99; Target: Women's Julianna Snake Print Cork Wedge Heels-Universal Thread-$39.99; Target: Women's Cardi Snake Print Mules- $25.49; Target: Women's Neida EVA Two-Band Slide Sandals-$9.99


Lastly, you gots to have the jewelry. Yess I said "gots". I'm talking about earrings, necklaces, and bracelets/watches. All of that good stuff. Tassel earrings are starting to become my favorite. I definitely need to add more colors because I only own 3 pairs so far. I have a yellow pair and it really brought my look together in this look. Take a look below:

Here are some other earrings that will make your look pop:

Top: Tassel Decor Round Drop Earrings- $2.50

Bottom: Petal Design Drop Earrings-$3.50

Necklaces can create a vibe. I've created outfits that centered around a statement necklace. You can also layer smaller necklaces to create a different look altogether. When it comes to purchasing necklaces, I always look for something simple to wear daily. If there's one that jumps out to me, I will more than likely purchase. I recently did a Shein jewelry haul and I got some cute necklaces. If yall are interested, I can do a separate blog about that. Let me know in the comments.

Shein: 2pcs Gold Butterfly Charm Necklace-$1.50

If yall are like me, I must have something on my wrist. It could be a watch, bracelet, or ponytail holder. I love my bracelets, but for me, I have to get the stretchy ones or the XL bracelets I normally get from Its Fashion. In my family, we have big hands so I can't easily purchase bracelets without trying them on. Other than that, I love them. Here are some:

Shein: 6pcs Simple Chain Bracelet-$2.50

So yall, I hope you all enjoyed my post. Stay tuned for the next one. If you haven't, be sure to subscribe and follow on all my social media platforms to get all the updates. God bless!

~Just Being LaKedra

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