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Hey yall!!! I hope everything has been great and I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! I just came back from Negril, Jamaica yesterday morning and I can say it was amazing! I've been to Jamaica before but in a different city, Ochos Rios. I had to attend a family reunion this time around. When I say, these family reunions aren't the average reunions. This family reunion actually happened to fall on my 2nd blog anniversary, which was July 2nd! I started my blog back in 2019 when I came back from Punta Cana and I can say it has been a ride! I've had many great opportunities since blogging and it's only UP from here. Another plus was this was my first international trip with my boyfriend(and his first international trip) so it really made it amazing.

So let's jump right in! Today's blog is going to recap my trip. I want to tell yall how it went and hopefully spark new travel blogs in the future. Let's get started shall we,?

Day 1

Day 1 was pretty much a traveling day and I'm so glad we started out early. Our flight was at 6:40 am and we flew from Atlanta. We had a small layover in Orlando and made it to Montego Bay, Jamaica at 12 pm. The drive to Negril was 2 hours and it was definitely a lot to see on the way there. Our accommodations were at the Azul Beach Resorts by Karisma and I can say it looked better than the photos. Yall know I love palm trees so to see them in person again was mesmerizing. We checked in and chilled until our All White Meet and Greet to attend that evening.

As for fashion, I didn't have the required all-white, but I improvised and created this cute little ensemble.

Ruffled Sleeve Top: Boohoo

Tropical Print Shorts: DirtCheap

Sandals: Malibu Blowfish

Earrings: SHEIN

Day 2

The first full day was so much fun! We had room service bring us breakfast and then it was up from there. We had a picnic where we enjoyed the fam and enjoyed some grilled food. Shortly after, we changed into our beachwear and enjoyed the beautiful water and scenery. We went tubing shortly after. To be honest, I can't swim so to actually go tubing was terrifying at first, but I had a blast. After the fun in the sun, we met up later with the fam for dinner and enjoyed some drinks. I can say the food was really good. I tried so many different dishes and was very satisfied. Here is one dish I had: Jerk Chicken with Steamed Vegetables and Rice.

Now to the fashion of night:

Cheetah Short Set: Fashion Nova Curve

Sandals: Malibu Blowfish

Earrings/Necklace: SHEIN

Day 3

We got up and enjoyed a nice breakfast at the Mahogany restaurant. The day was consisted of chilling at the pool and participating in some 4th of July activities on the resort at the Nesta Lounge. Later we enjoyed a nice Italian dinner at De Romagna restaurant. I had some seasoned shrimp with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

Night Look #3

Tropical Print Set: Boohoo

Sandals: Malibu Blowfish

Earrings/Bracelet: SHEIN

Day 4

On our final full day/night, we lived it up to the best of our abilities. We enjoyed breakfast at the Mahogany once again and then we chilled out until our boat party. The boat party was good until I got motion sickness and then it was a miserable experience lol. We had the farewell dinner that night where the colors were yellow and white. To see everyone color coordinating was a sight to see. The night was perfect.

Night Look #4:

Yellow and White Kimono- Forever 21

Dress: SHEIN

Sandals: Malibu Blowfish

Well yall! That's it! I hope you enjoyed my travel/fashion blog. Feel free to like, comment, and subscribe to my blog and other social media platforms. You can follow me at just_being_lakedra on IG and Facebook. Let me know what you think of this post below and stay tuned for upcoming posts! Love yall and God Bless!

~Just Being LaKedra


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