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#Stylish Sunday: Recreating an old look

Heyy yall! I hope all is well! Valentine's Day is officially over and I have to say mine was great! My boyfriend and I traveled to Birmingham for a mini-getaway, but we had to cut it short. Overall, I enjoyed the quality time. We ended up getting the winter storm that migrated from Mississippi and Tennessee, so we had to come back a day early to prepare. Alabama hardly gets snow so it was very different for us especially with the magnitude of this storm. I was off 3 of my 4 workdays because of the hazardous road conditions. We got about 4-5 inches of snow. I actually enjoyed the time off to regroup. Please continue to pray for those in Texas with no power,etc.

Moving on, it's officially #StylishSunday and I decided to switch it up and recreate an old look. I recreated an old photoshoot look from about 2 years ago. It's actually the outfit from the photos on my home page. Be sure to check it out. I changed it up quite a bit to make it cute and comfy. I actually lost some weight since then and I'm loving it. Let's get to the deets.

First up, we have the main piece. I love this sherpa vest from LuckyFinds boutique. It's so cozy and you can dress it up in many ways. I love the color and also the fact it has pockets. Yall know I love some pockets! You can store lipgloss, gum, etc. One option is you can wear a belt to cinch the waist. I'm wearing a 2x and I paid only $29.99 for it. You can shop Lucky Finds in Florence, AL, Bridgestreet Town Centre in Huntsville, AL, and also their website. You can find them on Facebook and IG as well. They have plus and regular sizes. Check them out.

The second main piece is this black, turtle-neck, bodycon dress from SheinCurve. You definitely can't go wrong with black. Plus, you can dress this up in many ways. You can definitely rock it with a chunky heel to sexy it up. I'm wearing a 3x and it costs only $10. It's available in the color burgundy as well. To complement the dress, I wore some design tights from Spanx. They add a sleekness to the overall look, plus they hold me in nicely just like the shapewear. I got these for $4.99 at America's Thrift Store. Not only do they sell used clothes, but they also sell brand-new pieces. I look forward to going back and see what new designs they have in these tights.

Lastly, you can't forget about accessories. Accessories can pull a whole outfit together and provide that extra "umphh" you need. I wore some simple diamond studs in my ears, which you can't see due to the hair. The main accessory is this gold and diamond-like, encrusted necklace. I got this necklace from Belk some years ago and it still looks new. It was a part of a set with matching earrings. It added a classy effect to the outfit. I also wore some bangles just to have something on my hand. As for my shoes, I wore my favorite Kurt combat boots from Madden Girl(Steve Madden). Yall know I wear these all the time. I'm a biker chick at heart lol. These are definitely my go-to shoes most of the time. They go with everything perfectly.

Ok ladies! I hope yall enjoyed my #StylishSunday and I look forward to the next one. I'm currently coming up with new content so stay tuned for my next post. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to my site. You can also follow me at just_being_lakedra on Facebook and IG and justbeinglakedra on Tik Tok. Let me know what you ladies think. If there's anything you need, just message me. God Bless!

~Just Being LaKedra 😘


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