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5 Ways To Style A Graphic Tee #Winter Edition

Hey fashionistas! Welcome back to Just Being LaKedra. I hope all is well with yall during this pandemic. It doesn't seem like it's ever going to end, but I'm staying optimistic. It's definitely not going to stop us from looking fabulous. Am I right? We can definitely still slay during these times and fashion is definitely keeping me sane lol.

Question: Who loves graphic tees? *Waves hand frantically* Yall, I love graphic tees. I have so many t-shirts that I have to sort through them often. I'm either buying them in the thrift store, Walmart, or Five Below. The men's section is where I find the best graphic tees and I'm always looking for new ways to rock them. Plus, they are always cheaper than women's t-shirts. If y'all didn't know, I'm from North Alabama and our weather has been crazy lately. We were just under a tornado watch on New Year's Day, but now it's finally starting to feel like winter. So today, I will show you 5 different ways to style a graphic tee in the winter. Let's get to it.

Style 1: Graphic Tee W/ Joggers and A jacket

Normally, I will wear a graphic tee with joggers. That's my go to outfit to wear running errands. It's very comfortable and I'm cute at the same time. To make it winter friendly, I would wear a puffy jacket, oversized denim jacket, or a cozy cardigan. Just throw on a pair of Chucks and a beanie and you're good to go. A simple necklace and hoops will make this outfit extra cute.

Style 2: Graphic Tee W/ Jeans & Leather Jacket)

This style is very edgy and fierce. A leather jacket and a pair of distressed jeans can really bring out the t-shirt and create a different look. If you pair this combo with some combat boots, it will set it off. I love this combo and wear it often.

Style 3: Graphic W/ Faux Leather Jeggings & Blazer

Any graphic tee with leather pants creates a sexy vibe for sure. I love faux leather pants and I recently bought a pair from Walmart a few months ago. Pairing it with a blazer or sleek jacket can balance the look between sexy and innocent. I would definitely incorporate it with peep toe booties or chunky boots. You can style it with a cute handbag and a fedora to complete the look.

Style 4: Graphic Tee W/ Leather Shorts & Leather Jacket and Tights

This style could be casual, but it adds a little bit more. I just spoke of faux leather and this time it will be in a shorts version. Faux Leather shorts can be fun to wear in the winter time. I normally would wear them with thigh high boots or pair with stockings. With this style, I will pair the tshirt with shorts and tights. You can add combat boots or ankle boots to dress it up.

Style 5: Graphic Tee W/ Black Jeans & Cardigan

With this style, you can easily wear it on a night out with the girls or an evening dinner. I love this combo, but it can be dressed up or down. The cardigan adds a chic touch to it. Plus, you can't go wrong with a black pair of jeans. You can choose any shoes you like, but I chose a pair of ankle booties. A statement necklace and clutch will finish this look.

So yall, this is 5 ways to style a graphic tee in the winter. You can definitely play around with these different styles to cater to your style. Just make sure you rock and own your signature look. Comment below which style you loved the most. Let me know what other items you would like styled in different ways. Make sure to follow me on all social media platforms and subscribe for updates.

~Just Being LaKedra😘

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