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My Purse Collection👝

Hey Yall! I'm back with another blog. I know it's been a week since I posted, but your girl has been busy with school and work. I hardly had any time for myself. I just finished up my semester yesterday and I'm sooo glad! I just applied for graduation and I'm taking my last class in the spring. Yayyy me!!! Anyway, let's get down to it. Today I'm going to showcase my purse collection. My collection has definitely evolved over the years. I used to have a collection of Dooney & Burke, Ed Hardy, etc but they have all either been sold or given away.

My purse collection now includes a variety of Brahmin purses and my go-to Michael Kors crossbody. My purses have either been gifted or passed down. I love a great hand-me-down!! 😄 My go-to- style purse is a crossbody. Crossbody purses are the most convenient because it carries the bare necessities and it's beneficial when traveling abroad. I have a variety of sizes in my collection. I also love my big handbag, it's like a statement piece and it looks good with any outfit. My other favorite style of bag is the backpack purse. I just love how I can carry more items than the crossbody. I'm including a snapshot of my collection below. Well you guys, that's my post of the day! Stay tuned for more fashion and drop a comment below what is your favorite purse style and brand. Also let me know, what yall would like for me to blog about next.

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