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Must-Have Shoes and Accessories for the Summer🌞

Happy Sunday Yall! I hope yall are having a great weekend so far. Also Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and father figures out there. Y'all are definitely appreciated. Growing up in a single-parent household, I didn't have that luxury of having mine around. I am grateful for my uncles and granddaddy for being there. It's not the same, but they have helped shape me into the intelligent woman I am today.😊 Moving along from my soapbox, lol, yesterday was the official first day of summer. It was definitely a pretty day even though I had to work. I did enjoy a nice walk in the park with my boyfriend after work though.

The first day of summer pretty much inspired this post. I'm always looking for new summer items to complete my closet because I usually get rid of mine during spring cleaning. Today I'm going to show you some must-haves I found online from some of my favorite retailers. Some can be found online and in-store if available.


I don't know about yall, but I love sandals, sneakers, etc for the summer. Every time I go shopping, I always head to the shoe aisle. Having to wear wide-width shoes, in some stores it can be difficult to find. On the other hand, there are shoes I can wear in regular sizes. As you can see, I included some sandals and canvas sneakers. Espadrille flatforms are definitely in trend now. They are very comfortable and stylish. The black and cognac pair ($34.99,$24.49) are from Target in the brand, Universal Thread. You can get these in regular and wide-width sizes.

On the top left, you will see the Kerrigan Sandals also from Target in the brand, Universal Thread. I hardly wear sandals with no ankle straps, but I'm leaning toward getting some. These are $14.99. Last of the sandals are the Time and Tru Footbed Slides. There are many brands that carry this similar style so you can buy these anywhere. These are from Walmart and they were on sale for $3.00 at my local store. Casual sneakers can make an outfit as well especially if you're going to be seeing the sights this summer. The middle left are from I loved these because of the cheetah print. These are $26.00, but if you have some bonus bucks you can get them cheaper. The bottom pair are from the brand Steve Madden. These are the Ecentrcq Slipons. You can find them in different colors and they only costs $39.99 on These are the cutest and can go with anything.


I love a good bag, yall. It's not only essential to carry all the stuff you don't necessarily need, but it can be a fashion statement. These are my definition of go-to bags for the summer. A cute backpack is very ideal especially if you need to carry more things than the average purse. You can find miniature backpacks anywhere pretty much. I have about 3 I've purchased for my destination trips and weekend getaways. This one specifically I found on It cost only $19.99. I love the straw/leather combo.

Next are the crossbody bags, which are my favorite kind of purses. Crossbody bags come in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. They are easy to carry and you can get to anything quickly. They do not carry much, but that's the point especially when you're traveling, shopping, etc. Less is more. I loved this striped one from JCPenney. It's from the brand Lily Bloom and it's $22.05 with a coupon. On the top right, you will see the white leather and straw crossbody from It's definitely a chic purse. This was $22.99. The last crossbody is fully straw material and I love the round shape. I can see myself wearing a flowy dress carrying this.

Lastly, is the signature fanny pack. Fanny packs definitely don't carry much but are very convenient for concerts, festivals, etc. They come in different designs as well, but I loved this faux leather one from Wild Fable exclusively at Target. This is one I would carry. You can purchase this for $18.00.



I know some women do not wear hats, but I couldn't leave these summer hats out. They are beneficial to keep the rays off this summer. I do enjoy wearing sun visors and fedoras whenever they can fit over my wig😄😄. I found some hats I gravitated to the most. The first one is from Target. I love straw hats so this one had to be added. I think this was around $20. The top hat is from Catos Fashion. It's the signature oversized floppy hat and it costs $13.99. I have one actually and wear it when I'm at the beach. The middle hat is also from Catos. This is the signature bucket hat. I liked this one because it was denim and denim is always in trend. It also costs $13.99. Lastly, we have this Faux Puka Shell Straw Fedora from Forever 21. The shells definitely add dimension to the hat. I also loved the frayed edges of the hat. This one costs $19.99. All hats offer something different, but they are stylish.

The finale is here! Everyone loves a great pair of sunglasses whether they are designer or low-end. To be honest, I normally won't pay over $15.00 for a pair of sunglasses because I normally break mine every year. It doesn't take much to break them, so I have to constantly buy them. These will most likely be on my purchased list. They all give me different vibes from Cool Chic to Bougie Auntie😂. On the top left are the New Day Sunglasses from Target. They are very simple but have the cat-eye look to them. They cost only $14.99. On the top right, are the Tortoise Round sunglasses from Catos Fashion. The print is what I love and these cost $7.99. On the bottom left are the Tinted Aviators from Forever 21. They are the cutest and costs only $5.99. Lastly, are these Marbled Mirror sunglasses and babbyyy I loveeee these. They are from Catos as well and costs only $7.99. I definitely have to scoop these.

Well you guys, that is it. I hope you enjoyed my must-have shoes and accessories for the summer. Stay tuned for upcoming summer looks and also I will have a giveaway next month for my blog anniversary. I hope yall continue to be safe during this time. God Bless Yall.



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