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🌸🌸Hellooooo Spring🌸🌸

Heyyyyy Yall! I hope yall are having a good weekend even though most of yall are quarantined. I know it's been a while since I last posted, but I've been so busy with school, life, etc. I'm finalizing my last semester at UNA and on top of that COVID-19 is not making anything better. I'm still waiting to hear from my school to see if we're having commencement. If not, best believe yall will be seeing me parade in my regalia around Florence. Moving along, I'm glad to get back into blogging since I have some free time. Spring Break just started and I have no assignments due this week. Yayy me! Also, my birthday is in 3 days and I plan on enjoying it regardless of this pandemic. I have my outfit and everything ready for the big day. You only turn 28 once right😊😁

Moving along, today we had service via Facebook Live and our Pastor spoke of "putting our priorities in place." It was a very important message and He also spoke of having faith over fear. God will definitely provide and we shouldn't worry. I know I deal with anxiety, but I'm keeping my trust in Him because I know He always comes through. So this weekend, I wanted to get out and take some pictures since it's been a while. I took some yesterday but didn't blog about it. Feel free to check out my Facebook and IG for yesterday's look.

As for today, I wanted to dress "springy" (if that's a word). I decided to wear this floral kimono from Catos Fashion. I bought this from a thrift store last year for $5. I love the vibrant colors of the flowers. It definitely makes a statement. This was a must-have for my closet. I paired it with a white lace-trim cami from Target(size XXL). As for the jeans, I'm wearing my signature Universal Thread skinny jeans also from Target(size 18). They are sooo comfortable and have a great fit as well. My flatform sandals are from Catos Fashion and they are wide feet friendly. They are very comfortable and they can be paired with any outfit. I'm wearing a size 9 by the way. As for my accessories, I wore a pair of gold "Love" earrings from the brand BCBG. My mom bought these for me. I also wore my signature "B" ring.

Well, you guys, this is it for my first Spring outfit blog and I have many more to come. Let me know what you want me to blog about next. Feel free to contact me about any details, advice, etc. You can also reach me via email, Facebook, and Instagram. Be safe and God Bless yall!


Just Being LaKedra.

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