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Happy Sunday!!! #StylishSunday

Hey Yall! It's a new year and I hope all is well. I know, I know! It's been a while since I've posted. So much has been going on since my last post. I lost a family member(#destinystrong) a few days later and I kind of lost touch with blogging. I became uninspired really. I was also struggling with finding a job since I graduating from grad school. On the plus side, I now have a new job which I like so far(it's only been a week). I'm so thankful that I have my family/friends and boyfriend, Demarcus, who kept reminding me that things will get better. If yall see this, I love yall!🥰

So that's just a recap into my personal life, let's get to the fashion. I haven't done #StylishSunday in a while and I'm excited to get back into it and blogging in general. I have been posting on my IG. If you don't follow, just look up just_being_lakedra on there and Facebook. So today's look is so sophisticated and chic. It can be worn on a date, night out, even church(in my case). Let's get to the deets, shall we!

The top, of course, is the focal piece of today's #StylishSunday. I love the Baroque print and the cheetah elements of this top. I bought this from Boohoo Plus a couple of years ago and just now wearing it lol. As you know, I love some Boohoo and I'm excited to showcase more stuff from there soon. Moving along, I got this top in a size US 20. It's a polyester material so I had to size up due to my arms and breast. I paid about $15 for this top at the time. They do have a similar style on the website now. Be sure to check it out. They are up to 50% off the entire site now.

As for bottoms, I'm wearing these Time and Tru brand jeggings from Walmart. When I tell yall, these jeggings are so comfortable and cute. Did I mention they are high-waisted? My 3 favorite elements of a jegging. They do come in other colors as well and I bought them too. I'm wearing a size XXL, which is equivalent to an 18/20. As for the cost *drum roll please*, they are $12.94! Yes! I said $12.94. That's a steal so yall better get some! Moving on, the booties I'm wearing I've had for a long time. They are from the brand Arizona sold at JCPenney. They are a size 8.5 W and I think I paid $20. Yall know I buy on sale honey😂.

As for the accessories, I had to keep the gold element in this look. I will start from top to bottom. The earrings are from Shein. They are diamond-like, encrusted gold hoops, and they only cost $3. Shein is the best place to buy jewelry. It's very inexpensive and they have some good pieces. They add a classy effect to the look. I'm also wearing a gold ring and a chained bracelet(covered by the sleeve😑). Lastly, I had to add the skinny belt to bring the look together.

This is the first #StylishSunday of the year and I hope yall love it! I have a goal to post more this year and bring you a new slay weekly. I love blogging and I look forward to bringing yall some new content. Leave a comment on what you would like to see more of. Love yall and God Bless!


Just Being LaKedra 😘

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