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Happy New Year!/ Top 5 Clothing Brands

Happy New Year Yall! I know it's been a couple of weeks since my last post, but this year I'm striving to stay consistent. I know I was supposed to showcase an NYE look, but I ended up not going anywhere lol. It's officially the 11th day of the new year and it's going good so far. I started classes last week and I'm staying on it. I even purchased a planner so I could keep up with my life better lol. I'm also starting the gym next week and I'm excited about it. Believe me, I love my body, but this is for my health. I refuse to be on hypertension medicine for the rest of my life. Today's blog is pretty much going to be showcasing my favorite plus size clothing stores. All of these stores carry regular sizes as well, but they have a great plus size section.

1. Forever 21

I just Forever 21! Anyone that knows me knows I love some F21. It's kind of an obsession. Every day I look at the new arrivals to see what I want to add to my cart next. I love everything from their sweaters, jeans, to swimsuits. They have great quality clothing. Some pieces I've had for years and they still look brand new.

2. Boohoo

Boohoo is one of my new favorites I discovered last year. Boohoo is based in the UK and I was very skeptical about purchasing from thereat first. I'm so glad I did because I've found some great pieces from there. I even have my aunt, mom, and little sister buying clothes from there as well. Boohoo is very affordable and they have some stylish pieces. Their plus-size line is very chic and trendy. Btw they are always having a 60% off sale.

3. Target

I've always loved Target especially for their food court and makeup deals. Every since they revamped the plus-size section, I have fallen in love. One line I love is called Ava and Viv. They have some cute pieces ranging from 0x to 5x. I recently went shopping before Christmas and got some Universal Thread jeans! They are like the best jeans besides Old Navy, which is next on my list.

4. Old Navy

Old Navy is the perfect place to get casual clothes from. I always love getting my dresses, jeans, and jackets from there. Do yall remember that pink utility jacket I wore? That was from Old Navy. You can easily dress their pieces up or down. I also love their Rockstar skinny jeans. They really bring out my curves. I always love to go to Old Navy when they have their 50% off sale.

5. Charlotte Russe

Do yall remember Charlotte Russe? I do and I'm so excited their stores are coming back. Not only did they have some of the cutest shoes and accessories, but they also had cute clothes. I would travel an hr or so to go to Huntsville because only select locations had the plus-size section. They are actually coming back this spring and I ready for the grand re-opening.

Ladies, this year is definitely about living out our dreams and enjoying life. I don't have time for negative vibes. I'm all about positivity. I have so much planned for this year and I hope yall are ready for the ride-along. Love yall and feel free to subscribe and follow on all platforms.

Be Blessed

~ JustBeingLakedra😘


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