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Happy Birthday To Me

Hey yall! It's Just Being LaKedra here! I hope all is well as we continue to navigate this pandemic together. It seems as though it's getting better especially since vaccines are becoming readily available. I pray we can conquer this virus and finally get back to normalcy.

Sooo, today as you can see from the title is my birthday 🎂🥳🎉! Woot woot!!! I am 29 years old but really it's not officially my birthday until 4:03 pm. To celebrate my last year in my twenties, I decided to have a photoshoot. I haven't had a photoshoot since graduating last year so it was definitely time for one. I prepped for about 2 months. (Side note: I will post tips along the way to help if you decide to do one.) I had the hardest time figuring out what to wear. Two things I knew I wanted to do was wear my favorite color, which is hot pink, and also my favorite print which is leopard. I'm telling you even a fashionista like myself can get stumped on what to wear. After looking online like a mad woman, I finally found something I loved. I was finally excited about the big day.

Tip 1: Prep 1- 3 months out. That can include finding a theme, colors, etc.

I decided on 2 outfits. First, I chose a pink tulle dress from Ashley Stewart's Curvy Girl line. This dress I happen to luck up on because it wasn't long before it sold out. It was also available in black and I hate I didn't get it too. I always wanted a tulle dress, but I couldn't ever figure out when I could wear it. Once I saw it was in my favorite color, I knew I had to have it.

Tip 2: You can never go wrong choosing something in your favorite color. I've loved pink forever. 💗

Moving along, I had my first outfit chosen and now it was time to search for number 2. Leopard is my favorite print. It was a must to choose an outfit in that print. I looked at my favorite online stores first and purchased a short set from Fashion Nova, but I wasn't satisfied. That's until I looked on Honeyschild Boutique. It's a black-owned boutique based in Missouri. If you can recall the pink shaggy sweater from my Valentine's look book last year, it was from there. I saw the cutest, sexiest, off-the-shoulder jumpsuit ever. I told myself I had to have it.

Accessories and Shoes were next on my list. That task was a little complicated because I have wide feet and I have to search for wide-width shoes. The real pretty ones pretty much sell out quickly. I had 2 outfits so I needed two pairs of shoes. Chunky heels are a must-have for me because I can walk in them just fine. I know I will definitely have support in them.

Tip 3: It's best to look local first for shoes before searching online unless your like me( wife feet) and have to look online.

I initially had an idea until I realized there aren't a whole lot of pink heels available in my width, so I decided to change my way of thinking. For my pink dress, I went with a clear, chunky heel from Asos. FYI: Asos offers a wide variety of wide-width shoes. And then for my leopard jumpsuit, I wore some black chunky heels from Target that I previously owned. Very simple and classic.

The 2 hard parts were over. Now, all I had to do was choose some accessories to bring both looks together. Of course, I chose silver accessories for my pink dress and gold for my leopard jumpsuit. The accessories were easy for me to find. Some I already owned. For my pink dress, I wore a diamond heart necklace my mom bought me for V-day a few years back. I also purchased a diamond-like ring and heart bracelet to complement it. No earrings were worn because of my hairstyle. My second outfit's accessories consisted of gold earrings, bangles, and a ring.

Tip 4: You don't always have to buy new accessories especially if you have some that will match perfectly to your outfit.

Now that everything is together, the next thing I had to do was my girly things. That included hair, nails and feet, and makeup. Once those were complete, I was ready for the big day!

Tip 5: Remember to plan your time accordingly to make sure you're on time for your photoshoot.

I have to say the experience was everything. The pictures really came out great!! I love getting glammed up. I believe every woman should have a photoshoot at least once in their lifetime. I hope these tips help you with your next photoshoot! Be sure to like, subscribe, and follow me @just_being_lakedra on IG and Facebook. Also, subscribe for future blog posts.

God Bless and Stay Fabulous,

Just Being LaKedra


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