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Saying Bye to Summer🌞

Hey Yall! I hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic. I decided to get back in there and start back blogging after a long hiatus. This summer has definitely been different from past summers. This coronavirus has really shaken up the world and me personally. I've tried my best to still do some things I love doing. I didn't get to travel internationally this year, but I did enjoy going to the beach with my best friend, Jas, and our boyfriends last weekend. Of course, we socially distanced and still wore our masks. It was definitely a nice getaway. I enjoy Destin, FL every time I go and it was nice to see some palm trees and sand. You can check out my photos on IG and FB for a recap.

Moving on, the weather is definitely changing and today was cooler than our usual 90-degree temps in Alabama. So, I decided to wear a summer-to-fall #OOTD. Fall is like my favorite season and mainly because I always have more fall/winter clothes than spring/summer clothes. I love my fall wardrobe and I'm very excited to wear some pieces I didn't get to last year.

First, I wore this denim, frayed, and cropped jacket from It's Fashion Metro. I just love this jacket. I recently bought it from my little sister because it was too big for her. It's in a size 2x. I decided to roll the sleeves up to give it an edgy look. To pair, I added this t-shirt dress with a corset, lace-up detail. I love this dress. There's a funny story about it because I actually bought 2 of them and didn't feel like shipping the other one back. I gave it to my Aunt Quita instead. I purchased this dress from Fashion Nova and it's in a size 2x. It's very comfortable. I wore it before without a jacket and with black Converse sneakers. What really brought this outfit together was these combat boots from Steve Madden. These are my favorite boots ever! I definitely want to purchase the other colors available. They are in a size 9 and I purchased them from As for accessories, I just wore some silver hoops. Simplicity is better, I say.

Ok yall! This is my #OOTD of the day and I look forward to showing more fall looks. I hope yall stay well and God Bless.

~Just Being LaKedra

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