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Saturday Sun🌞

Hey Yall! I hope you are having a good weekend so far and to my new viewers, Welcome to Just Being LaKedra. Today I'm showcasing another look of the day. Yesterday, I spent the day with my boyfriend in Huntsville, AL. We grew tired of Florence, AL, and decided to venture out to the Rocket City for the day. First, we went to Parkway Place Mall to look around(mask on of course). I actually got an outfit from F21 which I'm excited to wear. Next, we went to Big Spring Park. If you don't know, I love going to the park especially because it provides greater scenery for my pictures. We walked around and then fed the fish in the pond. Overall, it was an amazing day.

Today's outfit is from Posh and Paige Boutique. I wore another jumpsuit from the boutique recently. You can check it out on my Instagram. It's the Fuschia jumpsuit by the way. As y'all know, I love jumpsuits and this one was very comfortable and guess what? It has pockets!😄When they first posted this jumpsuit, I told myself I had to get it. So I was finally able to visit the other day and this was on the last one. It was definitely meant to be. Normally I wear a 2x or 3x depending on the material, but this is in a 1x. I love the snakeskin pattern on it and the flowy top. The waist is elastic so it gave a slight cinch to define the waistline. I purchased this for $30.99. I also purchased some fringe earrings. They were $3 for the shorter fringe, which I bought in black, and the others are $8. I will include a snippet of them below.

As for my shoes, I'm wearing a pair of black, laced sandals from Old Navy. I'm wearing a size 8.5. These are in a regular size, but since you can adjust the width they fit my feet perfectly. I got these on sale for $12 about a month ago. As for my sunglasses, they were purchased from Charlotte Russe a couple of years ago.

Well yall, this is it. I hope yall enjoyed my #OOTD post and I hope you will subscribe and follow me for updates and new posts. Next month will be Just Being LaKedra's 1st anniversary so I will be hosting some giveaways. Stay tuned until next time. Stay safe and God Bless!


Just Being LaKedra😘

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