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Red Hot Saturday!💋

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Hey Yall! I know it's been a while since I last posted. A lot has been going on in my life. I was preparing for graduation, trying to find a job, taking care of my health, etc. I've also been struggling with creativity lately and been so uninspired. Writer's block is definitely frustrating to deal with. I had to step away for a minute, but I'm back.

Today, I felt like getting cute, and mainly because it's so beautiful outside. It's 86 degrees and sunny here in Town Creek, AL. I love the sun, but the heat is definitely not my friend. I recently went through heat exhaustion and it was NOT a pretty sight. I will save that story for another day though.

So I'm all about embracing natural beauty which includes my hair, makeup, body, etc. I'm loving me right now and I'm embracing everything I ever felt insecure about. As you all know, I have a skin condition called eczema that I've been dealing with my whole life, and this summer it has not been so great. It has caused me not to show as much skin as I would've like to this summer and has affected me mentally and emotionally. I'm about to start a new medication so I'm hoping for the best for clearer skin and making my way into a swimsuit in time for my beach trip next month.

Today's outfit is so cute to me. It's a very casual outfit, but it can easily be dressed up with some pumps and a red lip for a night time look. The bag really inspired it and I have to thank KillemWithCurves for sponsoring this post. KillemwithCurves is a black-owned plus-size apparel company that is all about embracing your curves, your body, and loving who you are. This "THICK" bag is everything and I love that you can wear it as a crossbody or as a wristlet. Don't you just love versatility? I know I do. I'm including the link below.

As for the rest of the outfit, I'm wearing a red off-the-shoulder bodysuit from It's Fashion. It's a size 2x and I only paid $6.99(clearance). I just did a small haul from there so if you would like to see it let me know. I paired it with these A.N.A high-waisted jeans from JCPenney. They are a size 18 and I only paid $20 for them. I love this brand of jeans because they are so figure-flattering. It's my second favorite brand next to Universal Thread Jeans from Target. As for the shoes, I purchased these black flat-formed sandals from Its Fashion. They give me the extra height, which I love because I'm only 5'3. These are in size 9 and definitely wide-width friendly. I wanted to keep the jewelry to a minimum so I paired these gold hoops from Forever 21 and gold bangles also from Its Fashion.

So yall this is my look of the day. Be sure to follow me on all social media platforms and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks again to KillemWithCurves for sponsoring this post. Make sure you like their page on IG @killemwithcurves and show some love. Stay tuned for more looks and posts. Love yall and God Bless!

~Just Being LaKedra😘

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