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How Blogging Has Improved My Life And Wardrobe?😊

Hey yall, today's blog is pretty much just a self-reflection on how blogging has improved my life and wardrobe so far. If yall don't know, I originally decided I wanted to be a blogger back in April of this year. Fashion has always been something I've been passionate about for years. I always loved piecing outfits together. I just loved the overall effect it gave me when I wore them. If yall know my mom, she's definitely a fashionista and I get it from her. Moving forward, blogging has really helped me mentally. I deal with anxiety and stress and blogging has been the best gateway for me. It gave me a voice to express myself. I love the feeling when I go shopping and get excited because I want to blog about what I've purchased.

When I blog, nothing in life matters at the moment. The stress of school and work is no longer there when I sit down to my laptop, have a glass a wine, and let my fingers glide over the keyboard. I only wish I would have done it years ago, but now that I'm doing it there's no better feeling. I have so much peace and joy. Blogging is definitely engraved in me. Blogging has really opened doors for me in recent months. My outfit inspirations on my platforms have really reached people. When you have a certified celebrity like and comment on your photo, it just gives you an amazing feeling. It's the little things that matter. I've had the opportunity to style a friend for a photo shoot and now I can add personal stylist to my resume. I just had my first photoshoot for my website and a potential magazine.

As for my wardrobe, I have evolved a lot. Things I wouldn't have worn years ago I'm wearing now. Swimsuits especially have always been something I wasn't comfortable wearing. I wasn't as confident. Now I'm wearing 2 piece swimsuits in countries where they love plus size women. I embrace my breasts, big tummy, and thighs. I love me more than you'll ever know. I'm wearing bodysuits, body con dresses, etc. Babbbayyy you gonna see what I'm working with😂😂. No one should tell you what you should wear. You should embrace what you have and rock whatever you're wearing. As far as my style, I really don't have one. I can go from plain jane to sexy siren like that(snaps finger). It depends on what the vibe is for the day/night. Well you guys, this is pretty much how blogging has improved my life and wardrobe so far. I'm sure this will change a year from now because I have so much to look forward to. There are plenty of fashion events I want to attend and much more.

I'm going leave you with this. If there's anything you desire and have a passion for, JUST DO IT. The sky's the limit. Feel free to message me about anything. If you haven't already, follow me on Facebook because my cousin and I are hosting a giveaway where 2 winners will win $50 in gift cards. This will be perfect for Black Friday shopping. I hope yall enjoyed this post. There are no outfits to showcase today, so enjoy this #TBT of me in my swimsuit. Love yall!😊


Just Being LaKedra

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