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🧡💚Colorful Sunday💙💛

Happy Sunday Yall!! I'm back with another #OOTD. I know it's usually #StylishSunday, but I'm making it #ColofulSunday today. There's so much going on now in the cold world, so I wanted to be very vibrant and colorful. Today, I went to the park with my boyfriend to hang out and get some shots for this blog. He actually took these so I want to thank you again, Demarcus🥰. I wish we could have stayed longer, but it was in the 90s today and I wanted to hurry before my makeup started melting 😂😂.

Moving along, as you can see my outfit is very colorful. I love colorful items in my wardrobe. They make me look extra cheery even if I'm not sometimes. This dress was purchased from SHEIN and it cost about $15. I had to get it and especially because of the lace-up detail. I purchased this in a 3x which is equivalent to an 18 in their sizing. This dress was very comfortable and had great quality material, meaning it wasn't see-through. The only thing I hated was it didn't have pockets lol.

FYI: I strongly suggest you look at the size chart and compare it to your size.

I paired it with some bright, peach canvas shoes from Target. I'm wearing a size 9 and I bought these some years ago on sale. As for accessories, I'm wearing some heart studs also from SHEIN and a turquoise owl bracelet that a coworker bought me some years ago.

This outfit was everything and I loved being able to capture it at the park. Stay tuned for more looks and be on the lookout for some giveaways next month. I'm celebrating my first blog anniversary and I'm so excited about it.

Also, I really hope everything is doing well and staying safe during this pandemic. Also, prayers to everyone protesting. I'm loving everyone from all walks of life bringing awareness to an issue that's been going on for many years. I love yall and God Bless yall! #BlackLivesDoMatter


Just Being LaKedra

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